Championing Gender Equality: The Importance of Establishing a "Purush Aayog" for Men's Empowerment

Title: "Championing Gender Equality: The Importance of Establishing a "Purush Aayog" for Men's Empowerment"

Introduction: Gender equality is crucial for creating a just and inclusive society. While women's rights have been the focus of various initiatives, men's issues are often overlooked. The establishment of a "Purush Aayog" for men's empowerment is necessary to address these issues and promote gender equality.

The Need for a "Purush Aayog": "A 'Purush Aayog' could provide a platform for men to discuss and address issues such as mental health, unemployment, and gender stereotypes. It could also work towards creating policies that support men's economic and social well-being, promoting gender equality for all," says Indian politician and former Union Minister, P. Chidambaram.

Addressing Discrimination and Mental Health: "A 'Purush Aayog' is necessary to address the issue of toxic masculinity and promote positive male role models. It could work towards providing support and resources for men who face discrimination or mental health issues," says Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

Advocating for Men's Rights in Legal Matters: "A 'Purush Aayog' could play a vital role in advocating for men's rights in legal matters. It could create awareness about the legal issues men face and advocate for equal treatment under the law," says Australian Senator, Pauline Hanson.

Creating Policies for Men's Health, Education, and Economic Well-being: "A 'Purush Aayog' could work towards creating policies and programs that support men's health, education, and economic well-being. This could include promoting men's physical and mental health, providing opportunities for education and training, and supporting entrepreneurship," says German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the establishment of a "Purush Aayog" is crucial for promoting gender equality and creating a more inclusive society. By addressing men's issues and advocating for their rights, we can create a society that benefits everyone. As Swedish environmental activist, Greta Thunberg said, "We need to see ourselves as part of the solution, not the problem. We have a duty to create a better future for all."

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There is NO minimum punishment for harassment in india as it depends upon case to case and DELHI MEN CELL suggests correct way of closing a false case in India especially if a woman files false case on a boy, husband or NRI husband.



Men Rights NGO's are busy misguiding men in India saying that the legal rights of married man in india are negligible but the real story in different. There is of course protection of men especially married men and NRI husbands are protected by the Govt of India if they are found to be trapped in false 498a or NRI trapping through Online Marriage Fraud by a girl or her known people.



There is NOT any men's protection cell in Delhi and men should NOT become fools to any such trap either.



False cases are on a rise especially when u look at the workplace harassment statistics 2020 india and it can be found that more women have come forward to file false cases against their bosses and others.



NRI husband must NOT file a police complaint against wife for mental harassment in hindi as English is legible, understandable and if the matter is filed in Hindi then at some \point or the other there may be a road block as Hindi really may become difficult when the court related terminology matter in concerned. So, use English rather than using Hindi in a Police Complaint by NRI husband victim of false 498a. 


If the wife is cruel then the legal rights of husband in india suggest that he gets divorce from such cruel wife but this is NOT as simple as it sounds but if the LTR is filed then YES it can certainly become enforced as RTI Act is also used within a LTR.



NRI husband must file a wife harassment complaint using LTR at above link, only then, his case may get registered and action against the wife started.



If NRI claims that the wife is mentally harassing me then NRI should NOT further be harassed. His complaint must be taken genuinely by the police but if that is NOT getting so easier for the husband then LTR is the only way to get the complaint against wife lodged in the form of a FIR and start of investigation on basis of husband's complaint to police against his own beloved wifey.



Even though there is increase in mental harassment law in india but husbands are equally if NOT more harassed than wives in India inclduing NRI husbands who are the vast majority of victims of false 498a and Legal extortion by Indian wives.



NRI must get his complaint for mental harassment by wife registered and if police does NOT do it then FIR or Zero FIR can be got registered using the link of SOCIAL STIGMA.







Non Resident Indian Husband victim of false 498a wondering for How do I complain about harassing my wife? must straight away visit the SOCIAL STIGMA and learn ways to close a false 498a or false CAW Cell Complaint filed by a wife in India and HOW TO CLOSE A FALSE 498A FIR WITHOUT GOING TO INDIA i.e., without any advocate or POA in India sitting right outside India and without affecting the career of the NRI husband abroad. Close these stupid false cases right from abroad without these false 498a cases bothering you anymore.






NRI who has been a victim of false 498a must immediately file a fir against wife WITHOUT ADVOCATE, and without coming to India using a LTR only if he really wants to win and close the false 498a without going to India.



Stupidity is on a rise to dupe men in India as while reading about several NGO's for men, we also came across save indian family foundation and found that some guys may target the men and refer them to lawyers which is wrong because lawyer is the only person who makes a man lose this fight against false 498a, hence a NRI at least must Fight and Close False 498a by NOT merely fighting but by NOT allowing the FIR to turn into a Copy Paste Charge Sheet when the allegations in FIR are wrong and this must be done using a LTR only which is also known as Pre-FOC stage LTR. FOC means Framing of Charges by the judge after Chargesheet has been presented and submitted by the police i.e., Investigating Officer. If this IO is corrupt or has NOT conducted fair investigation, then, to avoid arrest or arbitrary arrest, the NRI may also file PFAA LTR i.e., Lego-Technical Representation for Protection from Arbitrary Arrest. And if any NRI is apprehensive that the investigation or enquiry by the IO or CAW Cell is NOT going to be fair when a false CAW or 498a will be filed by his wife in future then LTR PFFC must be filed which means LTR for the Protection from False Cases and remember that this LTR PFFC and LTR PFAA can be filed TWO-IN-ONE also for better protection for a NRI who is apprehensive that his wife is a part of NRI trapping network and will use that network to harass and extort NRI husband by misusing DV and 498a laws from India.



A Non Resident Indian husband should NEVER start searching/ looking/ seeking for a police complaint against wife for mental harassment format because every case is different and if any such complaint is files by the NRI in the form of a format then he misses two things for sure viz., (a) few or many case merits or exact wrongs done to the NRI by his Indian wife and (b) supreme court of india judgments or any relevant advisories issued by the MHA i.e., Ministry of Hoime Affairs, and thirdly, RTI is also missed which is a biggest friend for a NRI husband in false 498a matters so those NRI's who are looking/ seeking/ searching for a DELHI MEN CELL or NRI MEN CELL IN DELHI for Non Resident Indian husbands must look no further and immediately contact DELHI MEN CELL at the below link.






If a husband or a NRI files a police complaint against wife for mental harassment then this is NOT going to work straight forward even if a lawyer is used for this purpose as per the best of our knowledge, but if this is done by implementation of a LTR follwed by the Enforceability of the LTR using expertise service of aturchatur only then this mental harassment may turn into a FIR or a Zero FIR assuming threat to the life and limbs of the NRI in India in that location where the wife has jurisdiction as these white collar crimes are spread over to goons also who are extensively being deployed to threaten a NRI husband to cough up funds for getting out of this mess of false 498a.



It has been seen that the domestic violence against men in india is on a rise but Indian government has failed to include a provision in the law books in respect thereof. But do we MEN really need any such stupid irrelevant law? NO, The answer is a big NO because there are already provisions under the law as per which DV against men can be handled using CrPC and IPC then what's the need for such PWDMA on the lines of PWDVA.



If you are looking for men's rights india then you may NOT reach the right address or right website of MEN RIGHTS INDIA or MEN CRIGHTS ACTIVISTS IN DELHI because there are many lawyers in the garb of Men Rights NGO's who are fooling men. They are NOT guiding them defensive offence strategy of closing a false 498a which ONLY aturchatur can guide these victims.






A Non Resident Indian husband had been charged with cruelty and he was wondering as to What is mental harassment in marriage? as his wife has filed false 498a claiming that the NRI shouted at him early morning asking for tea as he was getting late for office, so he really wanted to know the meaning of mental harassment in marriage. The answer can be seen from Conjugal Rights and Duties of a couple in a married relationship. If any of these conjugal duties are NOT performed by a spouse despite request or reminder by the other then this certainly is a sign of mental cruelty or mental harassment by the other i.e., by the latter.



Non Resident Indian husband must file a 420 case against wife if he has been a victim of fraud marriage or online marriage scam/ dating portal has resulted in inducing him to enter into the contract of marriage with a girl from India and this 420 IPC must be done ONLY AND ONLY using a LTR found at SOCIAL STIGMA site.






WHEN IT COMES TO male harassment cases in India then it can be very easily seen that such cases do NOT receive the attention it wants due to which husbands and boys get discouraged but the reality is that, if LTR is filed then Wife or such girl can be punished and if it is a matter of a NRI husband being harassed by false 498a for Legal Extortion then he must NOT use his funds on lawyer or advocate otherwise he will lose his case for sure when these lawyers of both sides connive which certainly will as per best of my knowledge. Hence, the NRI husband must file a LTR from website.



A Non Resident Indian husband before his wife files 498a must immediately contact aturchatur and file LTR based complaint against wife and inlaws because such pre-498a complaint through a LTR ONLY and without any advocate and without coming to India can help the NRI stop such Legal Extortionists wife from filing a false 498a, false DV or false 125 CrPC against the NRI husband and his relatives in India.



There is a steep rise in increase of male harassment cases in india because such cases are being filed in a heat of the moment and men must be saved from helpline for men in Delhi at this link above.



NRI should never do the mistake of filing a police complaint letter against wife in hindi because such complkaint must be in English and must NOT be written by any advocate or NRI himself. This complaint should be in the form of a LTR which also includes RTI Act in order to fix the wife in her false 498a so that the NRI husband is NOT harassed by Immigration in USA, Germany, Japan etc where he is currently residing.



A NRI husband must use the mental harassment by wife indian law to file a complaint against the wife but if this complaint does NOT uses any judgment then there is NO use in filing such complaint as it can backfire against the NRI husband when wife files 498a, so it must HAVE TO BE in the form of a LTR Only about whom it can be read at website.



If a NRI husband has been slapped with false 498a FIR then he should stop wondering about How do I file a mental harassment case against my wife? because she has filed a FIR which is in public domain and therefore she herself is the culprit and she has done mental harassment to the NRI husband as the FIR is now in public domain which can be accessed by anyone (whether accessed or NOT) and it certainly harms the reputation of the NRI in society hence he is a victim of mental harassment in the hands of his wife in India. In such cases, LTR must be filed without help of any advocate and without going back to India to prevent arbitrary arrest and also check the details about "How to Close False 498a or false CAW Cell complaint in India"



Soft wals made for women are being misused to so much leve; that the law against mental harassment by husband are being looked upon as criminals like murderers in Indian society and this whole approach can change upside down as soon as the husband files a LTR against the wife so the slogan for today should be, "go NRI, go and file LTR"



A husband from USA was an NRI and he asked how do i prove my wife is mentally harassed then this is a wrong thing do, because instead of proving that she is harassed, it's better to prove that the NRI has been harassed by that woman.



NRI husbands who are harassed by wife contact the men's cell but the major problem comes when they come in contact with either the dharna gang or the lawyer gang as neither of them provide any help to the NRI husband and both these dharna gang and lawyers gang destroy the case merits of the NRI husband because dharna gang makes the video or evidences of NRI public which NRI husband never wishes to and later on these dharna gang refer him to a lawyer indirectly and NRI believes that to be true, after all, it's the smartness of dharna gang by which they operate. Next comes the lawyer group who trap NRI husbands in the garb of NGO for Men in Delhi or All India NGO groups for men. Sooner or later they also refer you to a lawyer and as soon as you hire a lawyer your future is put at stake because a NRI loses case NOT because of case merits but because of such unscruplous lawyers who connive with OP Gang, so it's better that the NRI files a LTR.






Whenever a wife files false 498a and other false cases against a husband then the big question that comes to mind is whether can husband filed case against wife and the answer is yes. If the husband has evidences in his favor or evidences proving falsity of wife's complaint or even if he has slightest of proofs or evidences or unrebuttable rebuttals that the complaint of the wife is NOT of sterling quality in order to meet out punishment to the husband then in that case, Husband can certainly and should immediately file a case against wife and demand for ARREST WARRANT AGAINST WIFE in false 498a related matters.



Onlt that husband is intelligent if you heard about him that a husband filed false case against wife because unless and until any counter cases are filed against wife, these false cases including false 498a are NOT going to end so you need to take steps to close false 498a and learn the tactics to close a false 498a only then these false cases will end and the matter will be settled.



Anyone wishing to know about how to file mental harassment case against wife such NRI husband must take action against wife before or after she files 498a and this should be done either outside India or in India party in person without advocate by filing an LTR



If any NRI husband or anyone else is suffering harassment by wife and her family then he should NOT sit hand on hand. He should NEVER ever come in contact with the dharna gang as they will just put the NRI in depression by highlighting his case in media due to which he will become suicidal. He must file LTR by clicking the link for LTR above, only then Harassment by Wife can be stopped otherwise NOT.



One can easily find wife harassing husband quotes on internet. Some were written funningly and some present he real scenarios but in a different manner as many men these days are harassed but they do NOT speak due to shame as they are a MAN and a man never feels the pain so how can they come forward. They must file a LTR to get protected from false cases by wife or arbitrary arrest.



Some men wonder as to how to prove mental cruelty by wife but this is infact rather simple and straight forward. If she has filed 498a and you have proofs just for one of the allegation to be false as per evidences or unrefuttable evidences or rebuttals then this in itself is a proof that the allegations were wrong which is nothing but mental cruelty by wife. Is it NOT proved in court itself as the 498a is in court i.e., public domain. 100% Divorce is guaranteed to such husband or NRI from such wife and NRI must follow this route to get divorce fromj a cruel wife using a LTR only without any advocvate and without going to India else he may get arrested.



Normally speaking, harassment case against wife in hindi should NOT be filed. It must be filed in English as English is a universal language and words are easier in English than in Hindi and also the dictionaries are very easily available and alphabetical search in English is easier than in Hindi. Go and file a counter case or simply a pre-498a case against the wife right now. This is extremely beneficial for a NRI husband if filed without any advocate using the LTR.



You may be sorry to read but the male harassment statistics in india 2020 are brain chiiling and heart may feel the pain or even a stroke oon just plain reading of the chilling statistics especially of male suicides in India. I am sorry, read it as husbands suicide in India as Indian Husbands commit suicide more often than Wife Suicides in INDIA which is nothing but a proof that husbands are harassed in India using soft laws for women and destroying careers of husbands.



There are of course gender neutral laws in india but the MeToo movement which started from USA has also captured nations like America and the laws are already in place and a wife can be punished for a crime in India but that may be possible only through filing LTR.



A Non Resident Indian Husband often asks this question whether Can I file defamation case against my wife? and our answer is YES, WHY NOT? Yes certainly, such wives deserves nothing less than that. Even counter cases must be filed and alongwith defamation suit, ARREST WARRANT AGAINST WIFE must also be filed using LTR.



IF WE COMPARE THE MEN VERSUS WOMEN harassment ratio in india then it will be seen that Wife Harassment Vs Husband Harassment is always lop-sided in reality than as reported in legal books because Husbands suicides are far more than wife suicides in India so the Sati Pratha is India seems to be changing with Swamy Pratha or Pati-parmeshwar Pratha where Husbands are being harassed to ultimate level to commit suicide.



If you closely look at the male harassment cases in india statistics then the brain and heart chilling statistics will reveal that husbands are at the receiving end when it comes to suicide as they are being harassed by their wives at least as per these statistics.



Normally, it can be seen that a wife is the one who can file domestic violence case but in reality the husband's sister and mother are also women who can file DV Case against their own bhabhi or bahu, This HAS TO BE DONE in order to protect the brother or son from committing suicide and also to protect the whole family from falling prey to her false 498a cases. LTR is the most easy and effective route to implement this WOMEN VERSUS WOMEN COMPLAINT in India especially using PWDVA. 


male harassment law in india | DELHI MEN CELL


It's seen that male harassment law in india is NOT very strong as women empowerment has taken all the media attention and due to such media frenzy, the males are an oppressed gender in India and hence they need protection by envisaging a MALE HARASSMENT LAW IN INDIA.



If a man asks whether can husband filed case against wife in hindi then the answer is certainly yes, but men are being misguided by men ngo's in India so that these men do NOT learn tactics to counter a wife in court. Yes, Husband can file a court case against wife and she can be punished too.



What do you think about the male harassment meaning in terms of current women cell laws in India. The perspective is the answer and the men need NOT unite and sit in dharna's. Rather, men need to get protection from unwanted harassment by recording the events and happenings and enforcing these under the law using a LTR and also in the process using RTI Act to the rescue of men, boys and husbands in India.



Wife of a NRI files a police complaint against husband for mental harassment but the Non Resident Indian Husband must understand that this is a false complaint filed by the wife just to extort money from the high salary or high income earning NRI husband. Just see the Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Divorce Settlement. A whopping $38 Billion is reported to have been paid to the wife Melinda ONLY BECAUSE there has been NO pre-nuptial agreement before there marriage. BEFORE MARRIAGE AGREEMENTS have become a necessity in modern times especially seeing the increase in number of false harassment cases against NRI just to extort money and heavy alimony in the name of settlement, compromise etc.



Whenever a man or husband is harassed by his cruel wife then he wishes to look for sample police complaint letter against wife in english but this is utterly wrong as one proforma can NEVER fit all cases and a husband must take help from experts in order to get rid of the clutches of a cruel wife in India.



Men, Boys and Husbands especially the NRI's looking for ngo for family dispute are the innocent victims of then Men NGO's who speak politely and get the data from the husband and sell it to the OP Gang and even after doing a lot of drama eventually they will refer a lawyer to the husband indirectly. Husband contacts that lawyer, but, this is a game as the husbands evidences are sold to OP Gang and even husbands case is weaken and Husband-Wife are NOT allowed to settle the matter unless and until a commission for both sides lawyers are decided fixed and handed over to these corrupt lawyers under the wrap. Husbands need to come out of this drama and hands in glove tactics of the lawyers by filing a LTR without coming to India by the NRI.



If anyone wonders as to how to prove mental harassment by husband then it is stated that, this is NOT as much difficult as much it is for a wife to prove her false allegations because truth always triumphs and if a husband has been harassed by the wife then the wife needs to be prosecuted under the law and there are already provisions under the law as per which a wife can be punished for harassing her husband and also husband can get divorce based on such harassment or cruelty by the wife.



If any w\ife is adamant to lodge an FIR against the husband then it can NOT be done straight away, she needs to go first to the Crime Against Women Cell or a police complaint against husband only then her FIR can get registered even if she claims her husband has threatened to kill her or even attempted to kill her or abetted her to commit suicide. In matrimonial cases, the Lalita Kumari Judgment by Hon'ble Supreme Court has to be followed.



In family matters, before registration of a FIR against a family member the Lalita Kumari Judgment directions by Supreme Court of India has to be followed and therefore before searching for a police complaint against wife format it would be better to understand the steps involved in filing a complaint against wife in police station so that the FIR can NOT be denied by the police.



Wife's parents are the major culprits and if they claim that they have given huge dowry then a husband must immediately file a case against wife parents so that the Wife's Gang also feels the heat. Even though the husband can NOT easily be punished in D/P 3&4 of Dowry Prohibition Act 1961 but still the wife is liable to be punished for criminally conspiring with her family members to trap the husband and his relatives in false 498a and therefore CASE AGAINST WIFE'S PARENTS must be filed based on proofs or evidences and side by side TEP i.e.,Tax Evasion Petition may also be filed.



If a wife is too arrogant and harasses the husband and does NOT allows the husband to install CCTV for evidence collection then hidden recording must be collected by the husband, and whgerever husband goes to entertain wife, he must hire a third party to click the photographs and retain the original storage media for forensics when the matter later on reaches the court and also bills must be saved and if possible online proofs and screenshots of bills may also be taken and this solves the query regarding  how to collect proof against arrogant wife and the same may be followed.



If a wife adamantly searches complaint letter to police against husband then husband should NOT sit as a mute spectator. NRI husband must also simultaneously file a LTR against wife as per SOCIAL STIGMA website.



There is NO law for married man in india and this is a false narrative spread by the dharna gang of India who want to be ministers. They have formed NGO's and they hire media and other guys to seek attention and men are being fooled to come and join their dharna;s at delhi jantar mantar or other locations, whereas the truth is that, if a man is harassed then even a wife can be punished, but these dharna gangs NEVER ever guide men, NRI husbands etc to fight for their rights as they themselves have never won any fight against wife and they just want commission from lawyers by referring them clients. NRI husband and his family should NEVER goto any such dharna sharna in Delhi or anywhere else in India. Husband must use these laws and SC Judgments to his favor through a LTR.



If a wife is cruel and NRI husband has the query that my wife is harassing me what can i do then this Non Resident Indian husband should NOT worry and fear that there are no laws in India. The laws in India are certainly there for married man also, and these Supreme Court Judgments must be used by the man/ NRI husband to close false cases filed against him by his wife in India and he should close these false cases without coming to India and without using any lawyer etc. Learn the tactics at:- "How to close false 498a without coming to India"



A Non Resident Indian Husband's family had been harassed in India whereas the NRI was in USA so he wanted to understand as to how to file domestic violence case against wife as DV against wife can be very easily filed against wife in USA nad there are laws in USA regarding these. But in India, men are worried and they feel that there are no laws to protect men from DV, but NRI husband forgets that, there are CrPC and IPC provisions of law in India, and while invoking these, husband must take the DV Court, Mahila Court, Mahila Thana and concerned CAW Cells aralso in the loop so that the wife does NOT files DV so easily and these poweres under PWDVA available to the wife need to be neutralized BEFORE wife goes to court or police.



Even if a wife has filed Police Complaint or even a CAW Cell Complaint against husband then also this is the right time for a NRI husband to ask can a man file domestic violence case in india because this is  just the right time to file DV Complaint against a wife and PWDVA related all offices from Protection Officer to MM of concerned jurisdiction need to be taken loop intio.



If a NRI asks whether can husband file case against wife parents then the answr7r is yes, the answer is a big yes, because, if a NRI files case against Wife parents from D/P 3&4 to Fraud etc as committed by the Extortionists Gang, only then a NRI can feel himself relieved from false cases, Travel Restrictions, Legal Extortion and the like.



If a man is suffering from false girl harassment in india and that girl has filed a false case against the NRI then he must immediately file a LTR against that lady before the matter becomes complex and difficult to be solved. And this must be done before any travel restrictions etc so that the NRI learns ways related to "How to close a false FIR by a girl or wife?"



It has been seen that there is a steep increase in female harassment cases in india but it is of concern that most of these cases are false and made in the heat of the moment. In order to stop all these false cases, there is a need for increasing punishment against women who misuse the law and harass men in India especially the NRI's who are being trapped in false cases.




भरणपोषण खारिज कराने के लिए जरूर करे ये काम । 100 % पक्का खारिज होगा । delhi men cell

भरणपोषण खारिज कराने के लिए जरूर करे ये काम । 100 % पक्का खारिज होगा । delhi men cell

False Maintenance Orders are being passed based on false allegations despite unrebuttable evidences submitted by the husband and this can be stopped by NOT even preliminary objections. For stopping such illegal orders, LTR 125 WS or LTR MAINTENANCE needs to be filed in such a manner that even a corrupt judge is unable to pass any illegal order as against the husband.

Merely going to High Court or Supreme Court saying that the MM or Judge passed as Illegal Order is a travesty of justice. Why NOT stop the judge itself from passing an illegal order which can be done only with the help of a LTR and NOT by using any advocate.

With the help of aturchatur a LTR can be got prepared by the husband which may be called as LTR WS or LTR REPLY or LTR WS MAINTENANCE. And this may include around 70-80 or many more preliminary objections based on the merit of the case. Only then the Maintenance can be dismissed and NOT without any LTR. Details of LTR may be obtained from 9873540498 or by getting help from DELHI MEN CELL

125 Cr.P.C. | क्या नोटिस पति को मिलना जरूरी हैं ? | Remedy against Maintenance order & Judgement

 Ex-Parte Maintenance Orders are bing passed without even issuing valid verified summons to the husband and as per ADDRESS OF DELHI MEN CELL FOR NRI HUSBANDS IN DELHI this is the gorss violation of law and also violation of human rights of a man/ husband and this also falls squarely within the ambit of AGAINST THE LAW OF NATURAL JUSTICE i.e., against the HUMAN RIGHTS OF NRI IN FALSE 498A and such acts need to be condemned but rather the women are being encouraged in false 498a as if they have done some commendable act by presenting every man in society as a criminal.

Section 9 का केस कर के पति खुद को फँसा लेते है | Section 9 कब करना चाहिये | section 9 |

Section 9 i.e., Restitution of Conjugal Rights is NOT suggested by DELHI MEN CELL but in some cases it may of course benefit the husband and NRI can also use Sec-9 RCR for getting divorce indirectly.

A Wife is exposed if a husband files RCR and this may be filed alongwith or before/after filing annulment in case of fraud marriages. This may CERTAINLY not backfire against the husband. detailed tactics can be known by calling and booking phone appointment on 9873540498 on the above link DELHI MEN CELL can be clicked to write online for learning the procedures about:-

Section 9 का केस कर के पति खुद को फँसा लेते है | Section 9 कब करना चाहिये | section 9 |

Get help from MEN'S HELPLINE IN DELHI before it's too late. We are here to help u.

man cell delhi 9873540498 free ebook 498a 9873540498

 Free EBook on MAN CELL DELHI vis-a-vis "How to fight and Close false 498a" is distributed free of cost to everyone.

Even NRI's can get helpo from this ebook on closing false 498a without coming to India as it also highlights tactics to CLOSE FALSE 498A BY NRI WITHOUT GOING TO INDIA and Non Resident Indians trapped in Indian 498a in Indian Soil must NOT enter or visit India for closing a false 498a.

The ebook guides NRI's THE BEST STRATEGIES OF ATUR CHATUR ON FIGHTING FALSE 498A so that a NRI can be able to close false 498a without engaging any lawyer in India because engaging a lawyer in India means CLOSING ALL DOORS for the NRI and getting his cases ending ONLY AFTER SETTLEMENT BY PAYING HUGE AMOUNT OF SETTLEMENT and that too at the cost of his career.

DELHI MEN CELL or Man Cell India or Man Cell Shalimar Bagh, Men Cell in Rohini Delhi, Delhi Man Cell or by whatever name it may be called but the fact is the that the MEN CELL IN DELHI from aturchatur is the only real men's helpline and National Commission for Men/ Man in Delhi should NOT be formed as it will NEVER be formed as per law otherwise both genders will start fighting each other and there will be a chaos in the society.

MAN CELL IN DELHI needs to be formed in Delhi region to help men victims which is already being done by TEAM PURUSH AAYOG from ATUR CHATUR HELPLINE started by atur chatur sir from PURUSH AAYOG channel to guide men victims of false 498a so that the NRI also learns newer ways of closing 498a without coming to India.

how to use rti for quash of 498a NRI (9873540498) Man Cell Delhi

 NRI Video Conferencing is the second solution but invoking of this VC can be done only through a LTR and NOT through any advocate.

NRI must understand the real enemies and his lawyer is really the real foe or real enemy and a NRI gets defeated only because of his lawyer when his lawyer certainly connives with the OP Gang and this 498a gang extorts money from the Non Resident Indian husband.

NRI FIGHTING DIVORCE AND 498A FROM ABROAD WITHOUT ANY ADVOCATE procedure must be known to every NRI who is about to marry thinking that Indian girls are decent.

Remove this traditional Indian girls concept from your mind as girls in India are wearing very short dresses and they are meeting guys of their choice without asking their parents. Girls are very much modernized in India and it would be better to marry in the foreign country so that NRI at least gets residency in that country i.e., citizenship fo a foreign country.

Indian girls won't allow pre-nuptial contract or agreement but in foreign it is 100% VALID AND ENFORCEABLE so if you can get it all from a foreigner White Beauty then why to settle for a brownish Indian uncultured girls who is more dangerous than a Firangi Women.

NRI's open your mind, open your eyes, Get help soon before it's too late. Marry and settle outside India. Have kids outside India. Get your PRENUPTIAL CONTRACT AGREEMENT WRITTEN BY ATUR CHATUR so that the Foreigner Beautiful Girl is NOT able to snatch away your career and hard earned money.

The help from Man Cell in Delhi may be available for NRI so that he understands how to use RTI for the Quashing of 498a but why the hell get into trap of an Indian Brown Woman when White Girl is available with a contract or agreement and you may even get child custody rights there. Have a White son or daughter from a White Girl rather than throwing your career in the bin by marrying without any agreement in India to an Ultra Modern Heartless Girl from India and get help suggestion and agreement from DELHI MEN CELL before your bank account is cleaned by the clean 498a tactics of 498a gang from India.

Get help 24x7 before it's too late.

Call # 9873540498 for Man Cell in Delhi

 DELHI MEN CELL or Man Cell in Delhi is available 24 hours at 9873540498

Besides this 24 hours 365 days helpline, these guys are also available at the email id round the clock to help the men victims of false 498a

NRI are the favorite victims or best targets for Online Marriage Frauds in India hence special service is also provided to Non Resident Indians so that they DO NOT VISIT INDIA TO CLOSE FALSE 498A in India filed against their entire family.

Similarly, the ATUR CHATUR HELPLINE FOR MEN IN DELHI also guides men the real fighting tactics round the clock so that men are NOT harassed at least in Delhi and nearby areas.

People visit Delhi quite often to meet and get guidance from aturchatur in false 498a however the men cell in delhi helps all over India residents and also abroad residing NRI and OCI's who have been duped by Indian girls via some matrimonial site or dating portal in India and DELHI MEN CELL helps all such people in India at DELHI MAN CELL FOR NRI

man cell delhi 9873540498

 NRI's looking for NRI MEN CELL IN DELHI must visit:-


Because this link explains various methods which a NRI may follow when he is trapped by a girl in Online Marriage Fraud from India.

NRI should NOT waste his career by visiting India or going to India when a false 498a can be closed without going to India or without coming to India.

In this fight against false cases, a NRI should NEVER engage any side advocate or even an AOR i.e., Advocate on Record, otherwise the defeat of the NRI is fully guaranteed.

These false cases need to be closed Party in Person without ADVOCATE, without POA, and without GOING TO INDIA, and without even visiting court.

Even if the NRI is living in India, he does NOT need to visit Indian court for closing of a false 498a.

Use LTR, Use RTI and also use CrPC 91 and Perjury.

That's it !!!

The false DV, 125 CrPC, and false 498a and even a false CAW Cell Complaint can be closed sitting right at your PC and getting help from DELHI MEN CELL

NRI Look Out Circular LOC using RTI (9873540498) | DELHI MEN CELL

 DELHI MEN CELL guides NRI victims of false 498a about, "How to check LOC issued against them or NOT using RTI before coming to India" and "How to nullify the effect of LOC issued against NRI so that it does NOT affect them and they are NOT arrested on entering India"

NRI's i.e., Non Resident Indians are the biggest victims and the favorite trap of the online matrimonial frauds in India.

Businessmen and NRI's are two entities being widely shown the picture of beautiful girl trappers by such girls and their extortion cells (organised and unorganized) and therefore the NRI who comes to India for marriage assuming that Indian girls are better and cultured than the western girls, are often misleaded and duped by 498a gangs in India.

NRI gets a LOC issued against them and even Proclaimed Offender Order is passed against them without the NRI knowing about it and his own lawyer gets him arrested too. This LOC can be known using the RTI Act in an effective manner using the right judgments and citations.

Only then the LOC Issues in India can be resolved against a NRI.

Similarly, a LTR may also be used to prevent arrest of a NRI but travel restrictions and passport impounding are bound to come against a NRI if he does the mistake to file a Quash or Bail after resolving the LOC issues through LTR.

Suggestions for a NRI husband in false 498a is to clear LOC issues using LTR and then stay silent and NOT contact any lawyer and approach the court using LTR only after resolving the LOC issues in India and getting a chance to meet his loved ones in India.

The property of the NRI in India is also the prime target of a 498a gang which needs to be protected.

Protect the property of the NRI instead of selling it at the down rates or using this for settlement otherwise the 498a gang wins and then using this same property they trap other innocent NRI's or wealthy businessman.

LTR and RTI related information for resolution of LOC issues against the NRI can be found at DELHI MEN CELL

NRI Charge Framing by Judge in false 498a (9873540498) DELHI MEN CELL

 DELHI MEN CELL guides men to stay away from manipulative IO and if the CS filed by police in 498a is false then this false Charge Sheet must be challenged and closed or quashed using a LTR which is also known as Pre-FOC LTR

There is urgency in filing this LTR because if the charges are framed after presentation of the Charge Sheet then there will be difficulty in getting this quashed.

Pre-Quash LTR if clubbed with Pre-FOC LTR then that Lego-Technical Representation is the best as per the knowledge of DELHI MEN CELL

NRI 498a Charge Sheet Quash (9873540498) DELHI MEN CELL

 DELHI MEN CELL suggests a NRI to file LTR as soon as CHARGE SHEET is filed by the IO.

And this LTR must be in the form of Pre-FOC LTR

This LTR is a must in closing a false CS filed by the police otherwise the NRI is trapped./

Lawyer may suggest NRI to allow Charge Framing claiming that Discharge will be taken easily.

This is a trap by the lawyer for the NRI . NRI must NOT fall into this trap.

Get help soon as the help for the NRI is readily and immediately available 24X7 at DELHI MEN CELL

How to Quash 498a against NRI (9873540498) | DELHI MEN CELL

 DELHI MEN CELL advises NRI to file a Pre-Quash LTR and also remember that before the charges are framed, he must file a Pre-FOC LTR

FOC means Framing of Charges

False Charges should NEVER be framed against a NRI husband.

A Non Resident Indian Husband must collect and generate evidences using RTI Act within a LTR because only then the Quashing is going to be effective.

Similarly, if the Pre FOC LTR is super strong then Charges (False Charges) can NEVER be framed against the NRI husband otherwise the Judge may also face criminal defamation suit from the NRI besides disciplinary action and in-house mechanism against the judge by the judiciary.

Trap a false/ corrupt and graft filled judge in his own sworn affidavit which he filed before joining duties of a judge. He can NOT act against the law. He can NOT trap a NRI in a false case especially if a LTR has been filed.

Pre FOC stage LTR is of utmost importance and it can be filed only after the chargesheet has been filed against the NRI and his relatives by the corrupt Investigating Officer.

In order to Quash a false 498a, the NRI must concentrate on his own career and side by side apply LTR on various stages from CAW LTR to Post FIR LTR which is also known as a Pre-Charge Sheet LTR i.e., Pre-CS LTR

Once the NRI is able to fix the corrupt then solving the matter is NOT a distant dream and the wife will sooner or later beg for settlement even at Zero Cost otherwise the corrupt PS or corrupt judge will themselves file counter cases suo moto action against the wife itself. This can be possible only by using LTR but without any lawyer. This hasd to be kept i nmind that LTR must be filed from your current location i.e., be it India or abroadf and it must be done party in person without visiting the court and without going to India by  the NRI.

The career and finances and hard saved funds of a NRI are most important. He has saved these for his future and NOT for getting extorted,.

Stay protected from FRAUD MARRIAGES IN INDIA and also protect yourself from Sham Marriage Business which has spread in India through matrimonial sitres and dating apps. And this protection can ONLY BE GRANTED to a NRI working in USA/ UK/ Dubai, Norway etc by beiong in touch with and following step by step procedure and advises of DELHI MEN CELL

NRI MEN CELL IN DELHI (9873540498) False 498a Helpline for NRI men, boys and husbands

 Fraud marriages are being conducted and NRI's are trapped.

NRI here also means and include those who have foreign citizenship.

Get a NRI to marry. Leave him and come to India. File false 498a.

Enjoy with your paramour or boyfriend ever after and squeeze the NRI who earned a lot of money abroad.

This seems to be the funda or motive behind trapping of a NRI or OCI/

Indian image is being shattered due to false 498a.

Similar to VAWA i.e., Violence Against Women Act in Australia, the PWDVA i.e., Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act has created quite an uproar in India and these DV and 498a are being widely misused in INDIA.

NRI's are suffering from passport impounding, immigration issues, RCN/ BCN/ LOC and proclaimed offender and NBW Issues as well which can be countered only by contacting DELHI MEN CELL

Non Resident Indian 498a (9873540498) | DELHI MEN CELL

 DELHI MEN CELL condemns false cases filed by wives of NRI husbands in India.

Extortion rackets like these need to be busted.

Marriage and dating portals need to be made more accountable.

Be in touch with best men cell in delhi for NRI's before it's too late. Contact:- DELHI MEN CELL

NRI 498a Quash Helpline Delhi (9873540498) | DELHI MEN CELL

 DELHI MEN CELL wishes all men in India a very happy Men's Day.

Each day in India should be a men's day as men are a dominant specie.

They are so much dominant that wives beg for money from them.

Even working and earning wives demand maintenance from husband citing falsely themselves to be destitutes living in penury.

Even in our mythology, vedas and chanakya niti etc, it is shown that women are below men.

Even muslims keep the women in Hijabs or burqas.

But when a false 498a, DV or CrPC 125 is filed on a NRI husband then the situation may turn upside down.

The Non Resident Indian husband is harassed and he loses his mental peace and contacts wicked l@wers (hereinafter referred as liars for sake of brevity) from India and these liars make a man lose all his cases in India and they rob him off and use the NRI as a merely ATM machine.

NRI gets defeated.

NOT because of his case merits but because of these liars and corrupt judiciary.

If a NRI wants to quash 498a then pre-quash use of RTI with the help of an expert RTI CONSULTANT DELHI has to be done.

And thereafter, the NRI must have the confidence to himself close false 498a and other cases without going back to India or putting his career at stake.

The immigration issues or deprotation of NRI issues, passport or red corner related or blue corned issues of NRI must be handled using LTR only with the help and expertise of DELHI MEN CELL

NRI Quash of domestic violence summons (9873540498) | DELHI MEN CELL

Non Resident Indian Husband should get the summons against Non-Domestic Relatives Quashed because DV is to be filed against Domesticity based relatives only and none else.

Quashing is NOT easy but Quashing comes with conditions as Quash of 498a may NOT be done that easy but the NRI may face travel restrictions.

On the other hand, Quash of summons in DV sent to Non-Domestic Relatives are very easier to quash,.

Even if such relatives do NOT appear before the court then also they can NOT be punished under the DV Act as the onus lies on the NRI's wife to prove that she lived in domesticity with those relatives and violence happened within that domesticity.

But domesticity means a common roof but if NRI and his wife lived exclusively abroad and the marriage was intended to settle abroad and wife knew this fact and lived in India only for few days just for visa and other formalities then how can the domesticity extends from India to USA i.e., a common roof.

Can a common roof be drawn from USA to India.

How is that possible?

This is utter foolishness on the part of even a MM or sessions judge to issue notice or summons to the Non Domestic relatives of a NRI.


This can NOT just be called as Non Applying of mind by the judge.

This is plain corruption, This is gross corruption and grafting, This is NOT mere negligence.

Even defamation suit can be filed against the judge or MM concerned for damaging the reputation of non domestic relatives of NRI.

What is their fault?

If that wife's NRI husband is the SON OF THOSE RELATIVES then is this the only fault they have?

Can they be punished or charged with DV Act?

NO, Certainly NOT and NEVER?

This is gross misuse of power by the judge and action against the judge must be taken by the NRI but without using any advocate as an advocate is a part of that system and he will come under pressure and he will NOT let the NRI win.

NRI must use the RTI Act and side by side he may even file LTR from abroad i.e., without advocate and without coming to India and without even any Power of Attorney to any relative or advocate in India i.e., without going to court and without booking any plane ticket, a NRI must close a false 498a and also close a false DV or false CAW Complaint using just the Right to Information Act and also using LTR i.e., Lego-Technical Representation and contacting 9873540498 number of DELHI MEN CELL


 DELHI MEN CELL helpls Non Resident Indian husbands in closing false 498a and they could be NRI Victims from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, Norway, Kuwait, Germany, UAE, Russia, New Zealand China, Dubai, Australia or other countries, and all these NRI's can get help from DELHI MAN CELL guys headed by aturchatur men's helpline in Delhi so that the NRI husband can close the false 498a without any advocate and without giving POA to any lawyer or relative in Delhi and also without coming to India and for this use of RTI is also suggested, explained and guided to the NRI's by DELHI MEN CELL

Men Helpline Versus Purush Aayog | which is better | why | DELHI MEN CELL

 DELHI MEN CELL provides difference between a Men Helpline or Men's Helpline in Delhi and a Purush Aayog in Delhi Contact Number.

The only difference is a real culprit versus the real helper.

For Example: The Dharna Gang are the wrong guys whereas the aturchatur type real helpers are the only guys who are guiding men about real tactics and strategies in fighting and closing false FIR and false CAW u/s 498 etc and these TEAM MEN CELL or TEAM PURUSH AAYOG can be reach ed only by clicking at DELHI MEN CELL

Purush Aayog Delhi Contact Number | 9873540498

 Purush Aayog Channel can be visited by clicking here:- PURUSH AAYOG

This helpline helps all men in distress. Help is just a click away at:- DELHI MEN CELL

National Commision for Men | NCM Delhi | DELHI MEN CELL

 Indian government has NOT started any National Commission for Men and there will NEVER be any commission for men, but still some people have started duping men by arranging dharna's and popularising the men's suicide on social media.

Men have started feeling the shame thinking that National Commission for Men will be formed. This is wrong as men are getting out of the way and instead of fighting and closing false cases, they are resorting to suicide or violence and this is NOT correct.

As per DELHI MEN CELL, there are already ways to entrap a wife in her own net of false cases, hence, the best way is to file a direct 156(3) counter cases against wife directly in court so that the wife HAS TO feel the heat of her own wrongs and she comes to court as an accused for those crimes which she has admitted in her own complaint against her husband and for which she has already given a sworn affidavit which means she cannot retract or backtrack from her own versions as those admittance are an evidence under the Evidence Act and she can NOT deny those now.

Unless and until a husband files ARREST WARRANT AGAINST WIFE these false cases are NOT going to be settled in court or out of court.

go husbands, go aturchatur

meaning that, husbands and also NRI's must goto aturchatur for assistance in closing false 498a instead of searching/ seeking/ finding/ looking for National Commission for Man in Delhi or DELHI MEN CELL

MAN CELL DELHI | 9873540498

 The official contact number of MAN HELPLINE vis-a-vis MEN CELL IN DELHI is 9873540498 AND the website is:- DELHI MEN CELL

man cell delhi contact number | DELHI MEN CELL

DELHI MEN CELL or as it is commonly called the Men Cell in Delhi is a helpline for men charged with false 498a, 376, 354, POCSO and other false cases  by wife, neighbour, girlfriend or any women.

It has been seen that some people in the name of PFA i.e., PEOPLE FOR ANIMALS are also threatening and blackmailing and extorting money from men by claiming to trap them in false girls/ women cases such as the sections as above and many more.

To protect men from these or many more false cases by any girl or woman, one must immediately contact at the contact number of MAN CELL DELHI CONTACT NUMBER 9873540498 or they may also visit the link for the Men Cell in Delhi i.e., DELHI MEN CELL