how to use rti for quash of 498a NRI (9873540498) Man Cell Delhi

 NRI Video Conferencing is the second solution but invoking of this VC can be done only through a LTR and NOT through any advocate.

NRI must understand the real enemies and his lawyer is really the real foe or real enemy and a NRI gets defeated only because of his lawyer when his lawyer certainly connives with the OP Gang and this 498a gang extorts money from the Non Resident Indian husband.

NRI FIGHTING DIVORCE AND 498A FROM ABROAD WITHOUT ANY ADVOCATE procedure must be known to every NRI who is about to marry thinking that Indian girls are decent.

Remove this traditional Indian girls concept from your mind as girls in India are wearing very short dresses and they are meeting guys of their choice without asking their parents. Girls are very much modernized in India and it would be better to marry in the foreign country so that NRI at least gets residency in that country i.e., citizenship fo a foreign country.

Indian girls won't allow pre-nuptial contract or agreement but in foreign it is 100% VALID AND ENFORCEABLE so if you can get it all from a foreigner White Beauty then why to settle for a brownish Indian uncultured girls who is more dangerous than a Firangi Women.

NRI's open your mind, open your eyes, Get help soon before it's too late. Marry and settle outside India. Have kids outside India. Get your PRENUPTIAL CONTRACT AGREEMENT WRITTEN BY ATUR CHATUR so that the Foreigner Beautiful Girl is NOT able to snatch away your career and hard earned money.

The help from Man Cell in Delhi may be available for NRI so that he understands how to use RTI for the Quashing of 498a but why the hell get into trap of an Indian Brown Woman when White Girl is available with a contract or agreement and you may even get child custody rights there. Have a White son or daughter from a White Girl rather than throwing your career in the bin by marrying without any agreement in India to an Ultra Modern Heartless Girl from India and get help suggestion and agreement from DELHI MEN CELL before your bank account is cleaned by the clean 498a tactics of 498a gang from India.

Get help 24x7 before it's too late.