NRI MEN CELL IN DELHI (9873540498) False 498a Helpline for NRI men, boys and husbands

 Fraud marriages are being conducted and NRI's are trapped.

NRI here also means and include those who have foreign citizenship.

Get a NRI to marry. Leave him and come to India. File false 498a.

Enjoy with your paramour or boyfriend ever after and squeeze the NRI who earned a lot of money abroad.

This seems to be the funda or motive behind trapping of a NRI or OCI/

Indian image is being shattered due to false 498a.

Similar to VAWA i.e., Violence Against Women Act in Australia, the PWDVA i.e., Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act has created quite an uproar in India and these DV and 498a are being widely misused in INDIA.

NRI's are suffering from passport impounding, immigration issues, RCN/ BCN/ LOC and proclaimed offender and NBW Issues as well which can be countered only by contacting DELHI MEN CELL