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 Free EBook on MAN CELL DELHI vis-a-vis "How to fight and Close false 498a" is distributed free of cost to everyone.

Even NRI's can get helpo from this ebook on closing false 498a without coming to India as it also highlights tactics to CLOSE FALSE 498A BY NRI WITHOUT GOING TO INDIA and Non Resident Indians trapped in Indian 498a in Indian Soil must NOT enter or visit India for closing a false 498a.

The ebook guides NRI's THE BEST STRATEGIES OF ATUR CHATUR ON FIGHTING FALSE 498A so that a NRI can be able to close false 498a without engaging any lawyer in India because engaging a lawyer in India means CLOSING ALL DOORS for the NRI and getting his cases ending ONLY AFTER SETTLEMENT BY PAYING HUGE AMOUNT OF SETTLEMENT and that too at the cost of his career.

DELHI MEN CELL or Man Cell India or Man Cell Shalimar Bagh, Men Cell in Rohini Delhi, Delhi Man Cell or by whatever name it may be called but the fact is the that the MEN CELL IN DELHI from aturchatur is the only real men's helpline and National Commission for Men/ Man in Delhi should NOT be formed as it will NEVER be formed as per law otherwise both genders will start fighting each other and there will be a chaos in the society.

MAN CELL IN DELHI needs to be formed in Delhi region to help men victims which is already being done by TEAM PURUSH AAYOG from ATUR CHATUR HELPLINE started by atur chatur sir from PURUSH AAYOG channel to guide men victims of false 498a so that the NRI also learns newer ways of closing 498a without coming to India.