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 Harassed Husbands needing | seeking | searching for a Helpline for Men in Delhi need NOT go any further as you have reached the right place and for any help on men harassment by wife or girlfriend they can click the team MAN CELL/ 498a Helpline for Men in Delhi at DELHI MEN CELL


 If a wife files false complaint in CAW Cell Delhi also commonly known as Mahila Cell, Woman Cell, Manila Thana or Crime Against Women Cell, a husband must contact DELHI MEN CELL so that the best way to handle such false complaint can be known and the false CAW Cell Complaint can be closed within CAW Cell itself using Supreme Court Judgments or Delhi High Court Judgments applicable within CAW Cell so that the Enquiry Officer has to follow the procedures, advisories related to handling of Voluntary and Reconciliatory Approach to settlement of complaints within CAW Cell in Delhi and the men cell or man cell delhi team can be contacted at the link DELHI MEN CELL







how to delete name of relatives from 498A F.I.R. #dowerycase #498aipc #406ipc #relativescase | DELHI MEN CELL

 DELHI MEN CELL suggests that names of relatives can only be removed by filing LTR

And a NRI husband must make his counter case stronger against wife through the same LTR, therefore, one LTR may serve several connected purposes such as name removal of relatives of a NRI husband, as these relatives of Non Resident Indian Husband, who are living in India may be harassed or even arrested falsely or arbitrarily by the police without following the Supreme Court Judgments.

First and foremost duty of a NRI is to NOT come to India and NOT use any Lawyer and thereafter CLOSE FALSE 498A starting from name removal of the relatives based on Supreme Court Judgments like Ratio Judgment, Preeti Gupta Judgment and several other judgment.

Also NRI must file FRAUD PETITION against the wife based on several parameters if she has a paramour before and after marriage, or if she is busy extorting the NRI or she had trapped NRI through marriage portal and has hidden her age, qualification, past marriage, extra marital or pre-marital affair or anything else.

Even if she possesses mistaken identity or two identities then also People's Representation Act 1950 vis-a-vis Representation of People's Act besides also initiating Fraud like 417, 419 or 420, 468 ipc and many more sections simultaneously so that the wife gets busy in her own wrongs.

A NRI does NOT has many wrongs as he is settled outside India and to settle outside India he has to go through several checks so he can NOT be as wrong as a wife can be.

Use this opportunity as BLESSING IN DISGUISE.

File counter cases u/s 156(3) read with 200 section of Criminal Procedure Code and Indian Penal Code provisions, and ask for the court to include u as a witness in this crime committed by this lady so called as a wife in India

Once it is proved that this lady does NOT have any sanctity and a case is registered and she is summoned by the court, then the help may be obtained for further procedures from DELHI MEN CELL

What should I do if my wife files a false dowry case against me | When Wife file false cases 498a | DELHI MEN CELL

 DELHI MAN CELL or as some people call it the DELHI MEN CELL help men in Delhi and NRI's from Delhi who are settled in their jobs or careers outside India in USA or UK or UAE etc. Non Resident Indians are trapped through Online Marriage Portals and they are highly active on Internet like some Nigerian Scammers about whom u may have read widely on internet.

Unfortunmately, about white collar criminals there is NOT much written on internet, but the fact remains. And the fact is that:-


And therefore, first of all, a NRI must NEVER take the decision of visiting India or hiring an Online Lawyer to help him in false 498a closure. Both these decisions may certainly take away the mental peace, finances and career of the NRI away.

So, keep the Lawyer at Bay. About bads being done by lawyers, this link can be checked:- BAD LAWYERS

Latest Judgement In Favour Of Husband 29 April 2021 | Section 498A Latest Judgement |Section 302 IPC | DELHI MEN CELL

 DELHI MEN CELL in Delhi is an organisation set-up to help Non Resident Indian husbands who have been trapped by their wives in false 498a and related crimes falsely.

Andf falsely implicating someone in a crime is a bigger crime but NRI must take action using LTR and RTI to punish such women by pulling her false cases rope and putting it in the neck of the NRI's wife party in person without any advocate or POA and without coming to India and with the help of LTR and RTI only for which more help can be obtained from:- DELHI MEN CELL

Wife Filed False Dowry Case Against Me & My Family As I Did Not Give Her 25 Lakh | IPC 498A Misuse | DELHI MEN CELL

 DELHI MEN CELL helps men victims in Delhi and abroad NRI's based in Delhi and also All Over India.

NRI must close false cases and do NOT agree to pay any amount in the name of settlement or compromise because TEAM MEN CELL at DELHI helps all those men in distress who have been trapped in false cases, be it Non Resident Indian husband or others trapped through marriage and dating portals which are quite common these days in Indian Marriages. And the help is just a click away at:- DELHI MEN CELL

पत्नी के ऊपर मानहानि का केस कब और कैसे करें | How to do a defamation case | DELHI MEN CELL

NRI husband must be ready to file defamation against wife without coming to India and without any advocate and without even Power of Attorney and that too sitting right outside India i.e., without coming/going to India by just using LTR, RTI, Perjury and CrPC 91 for which the suggestions of man cell in delhi must be followed who can be found at the link:- DELHI MEN CELL

Latest Judgement on 498A 406 377 IPC Quashing 19 April 2021 | Latest Judgement In Favour Of Husband | DELHI MEN CELL

 DELHI MEN CELL provides a list of Latest Judgement on 498A 406 377 IPC Quashing 19 April 2021 | Latest Judgement In Favour Of Husband because DELHI MEN CELL truly believes in helping men achieve success by applying these Latest Supreme Court Judgments in his favor.

Wife files false 498a and DV and CrPC 125 against husband, so husband just needs to close these false cases by using the SC Judgments in a LTR and RTI must also be used alongwith CrPC 91 and Perjury before filing WS i.e., Written Statement, bcoz, a false case needs to be closed based on evidences on unrebuttable evidences and if the complaint or evidence is NOT of sterling quality then the husband will NOT be punished and wife needs to present the facts.

But on the contrary, a husband has oftent many many proofs as against the wife which are NOT taken into consideration by the police and the judges of lower court and even High Court and SC does NOT apply these evidences to punish a culprit wife, because the approach by the husband and also by the Non Resident Indian Husband or OCI or PIO husband is NOT correct and the evidences go in vain.

The right procedure is to file LTR and RTI both need to be used in such a manner that without forcing a NRI husband to file Maintenance based Affidavit as per Rajnesh vs Neha Judgment, the NRI must be able to close a false CrPC 125 merely through CrPC 91 before WS.

The reason is that, if a wife demands say 4 lakhs per month from husband and he files WS and Income Affidavit, then at least 2 lakhs roughly say, the order of maintenance is passed from the date of filing of CrPC 125 by the Indian Wife of the NRI husband in USA/UK/ Dubai/ UAE etc, but if the husband is adamant to enforce CrPC 91 and the NRI in false 498a does NOT allow the judge to pass illegal order by using the LTR and RTTI then the Maintenance Order may be meagre 10-15k per month max as per best of my knowledge because a destitute woman needs only this much to live if she is away from the husband unless and until the NRI himself foolishly and innocently on behest of his lawyer is duped into filing Income Affidavit.

NRI in false 498a must NOT also go for Quashing u/e 482 crpc because Quash will NOT be done but the NRI will himself be now trapped in conditions of the court including Passport Impounding, Travel Restrictions and many more to say the least, but the list is endless so this is just the beginning trailer for the defeat and fall of settled NRI abroad.


POA here means Power of Attorney


AOR here means Advocate on Record

NRI i.e., a Non Resident Husband seeking assistance from NRI MEN CELL IN DELHI for 498a may contact the team of men cell in Delhi at this link:- DELHI MEN CELL

पत्नी का झूठा मुकदमा खारिज l ₹100000 जुर्माना भी लगाया l False Domestic Violence Case l Hindi l 2021 | DELHI MEN CELL

 False 498a filing wife gets Rs. 10,000/- only penalty for filing a false case.

This is the shame for the system because a man and his family loses mental peace and wife has to pay only 10k.

So, DELHI MEN CELL is strictly against fighting defensive in a false 498a.

A NRI husband must fight without coming to India but through LTR's and RTI's upto A-Z level. Only then the wife will feel the heat and she will come for settlement at the earliest.

Do NOT play defensive. Play Defensive Offence in false 498a to win and shame the wife for filing false 498a.

FOR MORE DETAILS and procedure to close 498a without going back to India from abroad, the Non Resident Husband may contact DELHI MEN CELL

Anticipatory Bail | DELHI MEN CELL

 Delhi Men Cell suggests husbands to NOT apply for Anticipatory Bail because it is absolutely NOT necessary

But if the AB is applied by husband then he can certainly be bound by courts conditions which will jeopardise his case.

Police can NOT easily arrest a husband in a false matrimonial case even if section 377, 376, 307, 313 type ten year punishment type sections are invoked and included by wife in the FIR or CAW Cell Complaint, but even after applying and getting AB, the husband can certainly be arrested even without these stringent sections if AB is applied and obtained by the husband bcoz the husband will certainly fall into the trap once the AB is applied or even if the husband has AB in hand.


The dirty cops can be made even more dirtier using M power by the wife or using influentical or bureaucratic links by the wife.


The husband must always remember that, Getting AB or even applying AB is useless and futile exercise by the husband. In fact, the husband is trapped to a greater extent by applying for these.

So, stay away from 438 CrPC

Do NOT apply AB

suggestions for non resident indian husband

NRI husband should neither apply AB i.e., Anticipatory Bail from abroad assuming that he is abroad and nothing can happen here to him.

This is the biggest mistake committed by the NRI in false 498a, DV, CrPC 125 cases.

NRI may certainly be bound with conditions of the court as soon as he applies. These conditions are ALWAYS THERE. He may be bound to return to India to join the investigation.

LOC will certainly be issued alongwith Proclaimed offender order by the court followed by RCN and BCN step by step. And all this happens ONLY AND ONLY IF the NRI husband applies for Anticipatory Bail in India


Non Bailable Arrest Warrant can also be certainly issued against the NRI without any doubt and without blink of the eye as soon as he chooses to apply or Anticipatpry Bail hence a Non Resident Indian husband on getting trapped by wife in false 498a should NEVER come to India immediately at least and he must close false 498a WITHOUT COMING TO INDIA i.e., WITHOUT GOING TO INDIA

Once a NRI learns the tactics to close a false 498a without going to India, then he uses RTI, Perjury and CrPC 91 TO THE FULLEST POSSIBLE EXTENT which helps him in closing the false 498a in minimum time frame say 6 months to a couple of years max in extreme cases. After that, he can come to India and enjoy the wife=free life.

More suggestions for NRI and also related NRI MEN CELL IN DELHI vis-a-vis NRI 498a Helpline may be obtained via a FREE EBOOK at the link:- DELHI MEN CELL

Maintenance from Wife in favor of husband | DELHI MEN CELL

 DELHI MEN CELL suggests that whenever only the wife is earning or wife is earning more than the husband, then the status of MAN must also be raised equally to the standard and living standard of the wife so that there is no disparity in income or bullying by the wife to the husband as women are also earning handsome salary packages these days, and therefore suggestions must be followed related to ;LTR and RTI by the husband by contacving immediately the team at DELHI MEN CELL

Protection of Men from Domestic Violence Act 2021 | DELHI MEN CELL

 DELHI MEN CELL suggests Law Ministry and PMO Government of India to immediately bring in force PMDVA 2021 i.e., Protection of Men from Domestic Violence Act 2021 as this act may certainly help those men whose property has been induced to be transferred into their wife's name and then they are thrown out of their own self acquired house/ property and even by parentalk alienation their own children disown them and left them to misery and if any such man is found by you guys reading this post, then immediately refer them to DELHI MEN CELL

address | delhi men cell

 delhi men cell operates through email and phone and so the link may be pressed to get help from NRI men's helpline in delhi vis-a-vis delhi men cell

atur chatur men rights activist for NRI in Delhi | DELHI MEN CELL

 NRI's seeking assistance from Men Rights Activists in Delhi may seek the assistance from aturchatur from mencell.org

Future false 498a can be stopped from appearing if the timely suggestions are taken from DELHI MEN CELL

list of caw cells in delhi | delhi men cell

 DELHI MEN CELL may suggest you to file very economical LTR's and RTI's to close false CAW Cell Complaints in Delhi from any of the CAW Cells in Delhi

List of CAW Cells in Delhi is of utmost relevance in such cases where there are least number of cases involving genuine cases as majority of cases filed in Delhi CAW Cell are by disgruntled wives.

Get help soon and call if needed urgently.


caw cell in delhi | MAN CELL DELHI

 Men Cell in Delhi may suggest tips and suggestions to close a false 498a complaint within caw cell itrself i.e., NOT allowing the caw complaint to turn into a FIR.

The advises and LTR's need to be followed so that NRI husband or Indian Resident husband may be able to close a false caw cell complaint within crime against women cell in delhi itself and so the advises must be followed as given by DELHI MEN CELL

How to Handle CAW Cell in Delhi | DELHI MEN CELL

 CAW Cell is also known as Crime Against Women Cell or Mahila Thana 

and this may NOT just be an ALL WOMEN POLICE STATION

In CAW Cell, the matter may goto a Male or a Female Police Officer with at least 20 years of service.

Only such level officer can handle a complaint by a woman at the CAW Cell in Delhi

In such Crime A gainst Women Cells in Delhi, the men/ husbands are trapped by making their hidden video, shouting at husbands or their relatives and also through police station counselling i.e., CAW Cell Counselling and thereafter MEDIATION AT CRIME AGAINST WOMAN CELL IN DELHI

The biased Women Cell must be handled by following the procedures related to DOWRY LIST AND ADMIT LIST and also using RTI's to trap wrong summoning based on Delhi High Court orders in CAW Cell matters in Delhi for which suggestions may be taken from (& LTR and also RTI) may be filed with the help of DELHI MEN CELL aka MAN CELL IN DELHI


 The slogan:


This slogan asking NRI husbands to goto Atur Chatur is really fine as MEN CELL DELHI from DELHI MAN CELL founded by aturchatur really suggests men in delhi especially NRI husbands get out of the mess of False 498a and other issues like LOC/ RCN/ BCN/ Passport/ TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS and the like.

Using RTI, these false 498a, DV and CrPC 125 CASES must be closed WITHOUT COMING TO INDIA

Hence, a NRI husband should close false 498a without going to India using LTR as suggested by DELHI MEN CELL

Second Marriage Without Divorce | DELHI MEN CELL

 Delhi Men Cell suggests NRI husbands to get Second Marriage Without Divorce but based on a Non-Live-In Agreement

It should NOT be a Live-in Arrangement and the agreement should NOT be a Live-in Agreement.

This agreement should be called necessarily as Second Marriage Without Divorce Agreement or Bina Talak Doosri Shaadi Agreement prepared by the experts at DELHI MEN CELL

If proper procedure of Second Marriage Without Divorce Process is understood by getting consultation from Delhi Men Cell guys, only then the right way to handle these false FIR's can be known and the NRI may get re-married without getting divorced as per SC Judgments and also without getting out of the mess of false 498a and simulatneously side by side closing false 498a without coming to India and also NOT allowing this new girl to be able to file future false 498a/ Repe, MeToo, Unnatural Sex etc but only if a proper SECOND MARRIAGE WITHOUT DIVORCE AGREEMENT is filed.

Get help from MEN CELL in DELHI before it's too late

PURUSH AAYOG CHANNEL also helps men achieve the same purpose though.

Settlement | Compromise 498a | MAN CELL DELHI

 NRI is trapped in false 498a but before that he may have been trapped in Online Marriage Fraud.

Remember that,

the way NRI is trapped through online marriage or dating portals, the same way, husband also needs to invoke the fraud provisions as against his trapper / accuser wife.

If NOT, then the Non Resident Husband may end up coughing up huge sum in settlement or compromise of false 498a

To get protection from such wife, and to settle or compromise the matter at your terms vis-a-vis Zero Settlement Cost or Low Settlement Fees then LTR on LTR on LTR is the only way to get out of thsi mess of false 498a as suggested by the guys at MEN CELL DELHI

Woman Versus Woman | DELHI MEN CELL

 If a wife is about to trap the relatives of the husband in false dowry complaint, then, either before CAW Complaint filed by wife or as soon as she files a CAW Complaint or a simple PCR Call or a NCR or Section-107/151 Complaint, then the women in the family need to act smart and do NOT sit hands on hands.

Woman Versus Woman means either SISTER OF HUSBAND VERSUS WIFE


and in such cases, the sister can be married or unmarried or both.

Remember that, if a W vs W complaint is filed on priority basis, only then the harassment of the husband and his women relatives and men relatives can be protected otherwise BE READY TO GET HARASSED IN COURTS AND POLICE STATION starting from the CAW Cell in Delhi

Be in touch with DELHI MAN CELL right now to get suggestions and timely help.

Violence Against Men in Delhi | MAN CELL

 Domestic Violence against men in Delhi is on a steep increase.

Also DV against a MAN is NOT taken seriously.

Similarly, a NRI husband from Delhi settled in USA/UK/Dubai etc is forced to return to India by his wife by filing false 498a which was supported heavily by Smt. Sushma Swaraj of BJP who died next year, but a NRI needs protection especially if he is a man.

Similarly, if Violence against an elderly man is found on Delhi Roads, that that needs to be reported immediately to MEN CELL IN DELHI and thereafter all the advises need to be followed in order to get timely help for the MAN IN TROUBLE

So, do NOT leave a MAN on the roads. If he needs help, get him to MAN CELL IN DELHI which can also be connected through phone or email.

Best Men Rights NGO in Delhi for Men

 The best NGO for men in Delhi is available at below link:-


Men Helpline in Delhi

 Delhi based Men Rights Activists often talk about need for MAN CELL or PURUSH AAYOG in Delhi buty the major concern is approval from central government which will NEVER be obtained be it BJP, CONGRESS or any other political party.

If Women's rights are enforced and women are being uplifted or enpowered then what is the use of Male Empowerment. This will simply won't work and will spread chaos in the soeicty.


So, the answer is, "File LTR back to back against wife based on wife's complaint using RTI, CrPC 91 and Perjury"

This is the only way to close false 498a and other false cases filed by a wife.

The above three toold viz., RTI, Perjury and CrPC 91 are more than enough to trap a wife in her own net of false cases.


Get help from Men Cell Delhi

Delhi Men Cell | Delhi Man Cell | 9873540498

 Non Resident Indian Husbands should NOT come to India to close false 498a otherwise they will be trapped in passport issues, LOC Issues and several other issues including Travel Restrictions and Court Conditions while applying for Quash or Bail which are wrong suggestions given to a NRI by their liar (l@wyer)

NRI should Never apply for Bail or Quash as both these come with conditions.

NRI is then bound to follow the conditions of the court including travel restrictions and passport deposit with the PS.

Hence, a Non Resident Indian Husband has NO other option but to close false 498a without coming to India.

For this RTI is the best way to be used alongwith LTR's as suggested by Atur Chatur who can be reached on aturchatur@yahoo.com

A nri and his family is the prime target of online matrimonial frauds.

Be aware and det an agreement prepared from the experts so that the wife and her trappers are unable to destroy the life, career, mental peace  and finances of a NRI.

Get help from Men Cell or Man Cell in Delhi as it is commonly called.


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RTI against delhi police by NRI,


If any help needed then please contact:-


man cell delhi is available 24 hours at our permanent email id aturchatur (at) yahoo (dot) com


moblie :- +91-9873540498

email:- aturchatur@yahoo.com


web:- http://www.nri498ahelpline.com



Men Cell in Delhi Address in Rohini 9873540498


Delhi Men Cell helps men of Delhi and nearby states/ cities as a MAN HELPLINE but when people start searching Men's Commission or National Commission for Men in Delhi like NCW or they want some CAW Cell for Women type helpline for men in Delhi then Delhi Men Cell or as it is popularly known as Delhi Men Cell is a service started by NRI 498A HELPLINE division of aturchatur's for which the email aturchatur@yahoo.com can be reached for guidance and advise on how to handle a false Crime Against Women Cell Complaint of a Wife.

Similarly, Domestic Violence Against Men is on a rise in India and therefore the Men Cell in Delhi can be used for all men from all over India especially Non Resident Indian husbands from abroad who are suffering from false cases by wives.

Counter Cases is suggested by Men Cell in Delhi because MAN CELL's basic purpose is to settle the matter through mediation but that is posible only if counter cases are filed and wife feels the heat.

For details about Men Cell's helpline in Delhi, contact at this email:-