NRI Look Out Circular LOC using RTI (9873540498) | DELHI MEN CELL

 DELHI MEN CELL guides NRI victims of false 498a about, "How to check LOC issued against them or NOT using RTI before coming to India" and "How to nullify the effect of LOC issued against NRI so that it does NOT affect them and they are NOT arrested on entering India"

NRI's i.e., Non Resident Indians are the biggest victims and the favorite trap of the online matrimonial frauds in India.

Businessmen and NRI's are two entities being widely shown the picture of beautiful girl trappers by such girls and their extortion cells (organised and unorganized) and therefore the NRI who comes to India for marriage assuming that Indian girls are better and cultured than the western girls, are often misleaded and duped by 498a gangs in India.

NRI gets a LOC issued against them and even Proclaimed Offender Order is passed against them without the NRI knowing about it and his own lawyer gets him arrested too. This LOC can be known using the RTI Act in an effective manner using the right judgments and citations.

Only then the LOC Issues in India can be resolved against a NRI.

Similarly, a LTR may also be used to prevent arrest of a NRI but travel restrictions and passport impounding are bound to come against a NRI if he does the mistake to file a Quash or Bail after resolving the LOC issues through LTR.

Suggestions for a NRI husband in false 498a is to clear LOC issues using LTR and then stay silent and NOT contact any lawyer and approach the court using LTR only after resolving the LOC issues in India and getting a chance to meet his loved ones in India.

The property of the NRI in India is also the prime target of a 498a gang which needs to be protected.

Protect the property of the NRI instead of selling it at the down rates or using this for settlement otherwise the 498a gang wins and then using this same property they trap other innocent NRI's or wealthy businessman.

LTR and RTI related information for resolution of LOC issues against the NRI can be found at DELHI MEN CELL