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 DELHI MEN CELL wishes all men in India a very happy Men's Day.

Each day in India should be a men's day as men are a dominant specie.

They are so much dominant that wives beg for money from them.

Even working and earning wives demand maintenance from husband citing falsely themselves to be destitutes living in penury.

Even in our mythology, vedas and chanakya niti etc, it is shown that women are below men.

Even muslims keep the women in Hijabs or burqas.

But when a false 498a, DV or CrPC 125 is filed on a NRI husband then the situation may turn upside down.

The Non Resident Indian husband is harassed and he loses his mental peace and contacts wicked l@wers (hereinafter referred as liars for sake of brevity) from India and these liars make a man lose all his cases in India and they rob him off and use the NRI as a merely ATM machine.

NRI gets defeated.

NOT because of his case merits but because of these liars and corrupt judiciary.

If a NRI wants to quash 498a then pre-quash use of RTI with the help of an expert RTI CONSULTANT DELHI has to be done.

And thereafter, the NRI must have the confidence to himself close false 498a and other cases without going back to India or putting his career at stake.

The immigration issues or deprotation of NRI issues, passport or red corner related or blue corned issues of NRI must be handled using LTR only with the help and expertise of DELHI MEN CELL