National Commision for Men | NCM Delhi | DELHI MEN CELL

 Indian government has NOT started any National Commission for Men and there will NEVER be any commission for men, but still some people have started duping men by arranging dharna's and popularising the men's suicide on social media.

Men have started feeling the shame thinking that National Commission for Men will be formed. This is wrong as men are getting out of the way and instead of fighting and closing false cases, they are resorting to suicide or violence and this is NOT correct.

As per DELHI MEN CELL, there are already ways to entrap a wife in her own net of false cases, hence, the best way is to file a direct 156(3) counter cases against wife directly in court so that the wife HAS TO feel the heat of her own wrongs and she comes to court as an accused for those crimes which she has admitted in her own complaint against her husband and for which she has already given a sworn affidavit which means she cannot retract or backtrack from her own versions as those admittance are an evidence under the Evidence Act and she can NOT deny those now.

Unless and until a husband files ARREST WARRANT AGAINST WIFE these false cases are NOT going to be settled in court or out of court.

go husbands, go aturchatur

meaning that, husbands and also NRI's must goto aturchatur for assistance in closing false 498a instead of searching/ seeking/ finding/ looking for National Commission for Man in Delhi or DELHI MEN CELL