NRI Quash of domestic violence summons (9873540498) | DELHI MEN CELL

Non Resident Indian Husband should get the summons against Non-Domestic Relatives Quashed because DV is to be filed against Domesticity based relatives only and none else.

Quashing is NOT easy but Quashing comes with conditions as Quash of 498a may NOT be done that easy but the NRI may face travel restrictions.

On the other hand, Quash of summons in DV sent to Non-Domestic Relatives are very easier to quash,.

Even if such relatives do NOT appear before the court then also they can NOT be punished under the DV Act as the onus lies on the NRI's wife to prove that she lived in domesticity with those relatives and violence happened within that domesticity.

But domesticity means a common roof but if NRI and his wife lived exclusively abroad and the marriage was intended to settle abroad and wife knew this fact and lived in India only for few days just for visa and other formalities then how can the domesticity extends from India to USA i.e., a common roof.

Can a common roof be drawn from USA to India.

How is that possible?

This is utter foolishness on the part of even a MM or sessions judge to issue notice or summons to the Non Domestic relatives of a NRI.


This can NOT just be called as Non Applying of mind by the judge.

This is plain corruption, This is gross corruption and grafting, This is NOT mere negligence.

Even defamation suit can be filed against the judge or MM concerned for damaging the reputation of non domestic relatives of NRI.

What is their fault?

If that wife's NRI husband is the SON OF THOSE RELATIVES then is this the only fault they have?

Can they be punished or charged with DV Act?

NO, Certainly NOT and NEVER?

This is gross misuse of power by the judge and action against the judge must be taken by the NRI but without using any advocate as an advocate is a part of that system and he will come under pressure and he will NOT let the NRI win.

NRI must use the RTI Act and side by side he may even file LTR from abroad i.e., without advocate and without coming to India and without even any Power of Attorney to any relative or advocate in India i.e., without going to court and without booking any plane ticket, a NRI must close a false 498a and also close a false DV or false CAW Complaint using just the Right to Information Act and also using LTR i.e., Lego-Technical Representation and contacting 9873540498 number of DELHI MEN CELL