How to Quash 498a against NRI (9873540498) | DELHI MEN CELL

 DELHI MEN CELL advises NRI to file a Pre-Quash LTR and also remember that before the charges are framed, he must file a Pre-FOC LTR

FOC means Framing of Charges

False Charges should NEVER be framed against a NRI husband.

A Non Resident Indian Husband must collect and generate evidences using RTI Act within a LTR because only then the Quashing is going to be effective.

Similarly, if the Pre FOC LTR is super strong then Charges (False Charges) can NEVER be framed against the NRI husband otherwise the Judge may also face criminal defamation suit from the NRI besides disciplinary action and in-house mechanism against the judge by the judiciary.

Trap a false/ corrupt and graft filled judge in his own sworn affidavit which he filed before joining duties of a judge. He can NOT act against the law. He can NOT trap a NRI in a false case especially if a LTR has been filed.

Pre FOC stage LTR is of utmost importance and it can be filed only after the chargesheet has been filed against the NRI and his relatives by the corrupt Investigating Officer.

In order to Quash a false 498a, the NRI must concentrate on his own career and side by side apply LTR on various stages from CAW LTR to Post FIR LTR which is also known as a Pre-Charge Sheet LTR i.e., Pre-CS LTR

Once the NRI is able to fix the corrupt then solving the matter is NOT a distant dream and the wife will sooner or later beg for settlement even at Zero Cost otherwise the corrupt PS or corrupt judge will themselves file counter cases suo moto action against the wife itself. This can be possible only by using LTR but without any lawyer. This hasd to be kept i nmind that LTR must be filed from your current location i.e., be it India or abroadf and it must be done party in person without visiting the court and without going to India by  the NRI.

The career and finances and hard saved funds of a NRI are most important. He has saved these for his future and NOT for getting extorted,.

Stay protected from FRAUD MARRIAGES IN INDIA and also protect yourself from Sham Marriage Business which has spread in India through matrimonial sitres and dating apps. And this protection can ONLY BE GRANTED to a NRI working in USA/ UK/ Dubai, Norway etc by beiong in touch with and following step by step procedure and advises of DELHI MEN CELL